Sunday, July 12, 2009

Green Household Cleaning

This site has some great ideas and advice on how to use organic environmentally natural substances to clean your house and appliances. The most important reason to use organic homemade cleaners is because chemically store bought cleaners can be very hazardous to your health. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly to use natural products and is easy to use. Consumer chemical cleansers can also cost a lot of money in addition to have to go to the trouble of going out to buy them.
the following is a list of some basic household and natural goods which are quite common and you may already have laying around your house. Also listed are things to clean and organic or homemade mixtures of organic substances that will you clean various household things and appliances.
This is a very easy site to use. It is all alphabetical order. Look for the substance or appliance you want to clean and follow the instructions.

Aluminum pots - cleaning burned food off of pots is a cinch. Wet the burned food. Cover it with baking powder and let it sit for a few hours. Then just scrape it, wash and rinse it.

BAKING SODA - also known as sodium bicarbonate. You may not know this but baking soda can clean more than teeth. It is a great organic way to clean many things around the house.

Borax - Borax is sodium borate. This is a pure natural substance mineral that kills mold mildew and other bacterias. It has the power of bleach. Great for use in bathrooms because it's also a deodorizer.
Make sure to keep in mind although it's a great natural cleaner it can be hazardous to children. so keep it out of their reach.

Cleaning chrome - rub some baby oil selzter and a slice of lemon. wash the chrome then rub it with a cotton dry cloth.

Dog and pet hair removal - remove pet hair from upholstery by wetting a chamois cloth and just rub the cloth over the upholstery.

Drain Cleaner - A cup of white vinegar. 1/2 cup of baking soda. a half of lemon and a gallon of boiling tap water. First pour the baking soda down the drain then the vinegar. Leave the mixture for a few minutes to foam up then add the boiling water.

Glass - this will work for all glass surfaces or mirrors. Fill up a spray bottle with half white vinegar and warm water. Spray glass and then rub glass with cotton cloth. For streak free dry use crumpled newspaper instead of a cloth.
To clean discolored glass soak them in a mixture of ammonia and water for 7 hours. then wash and rinse.
You can also clean discolored glass or crystal items by soaking them in white vinegar full strength for 7 hours. when done rub gently all around the item, then rinse with water.

Grass stains - Try to moisten the stain with alcohol, rinse and rub out.

Irons - When the holes in your steam irons get clogged this is usually from starch buildup. mix a tablespoon of baking soda with 1/3 cup of vinegar thoroughly. pour the combined mixture into the iron. Heat the iron up and leave it until it beings to steam. turn it off then empty the liquid mixture. Then fill it up with warm water and empty it and rinse it again. It should clean it all up.

Leather cleaner - Mix water and white vinigar. add to cloth or thin twel and rub on to remove stains.
T o remove white water stains and spots from leather, cover them with a thick amount of petroleum jelly. let it sit on the leather for about 2 days then wipe it off with a cotton cloth. This can work for ink stains as well.
For mildew stains on leather, make a mixture of equal amounts of water and alcohol and rub on gently.
To remove scuff marks on leather shoes rub on white toothpaste with a clean damp rag.
Polish patent leather with a rag lightly damp with vinegar. when done dry it clean with a cotton cloth.

Mildew - You can remove mildew on clothing and other fabric by moistening it with lemon juice and salt. Then let it sit in the sun until completely dry. This can also work with hydrogen peroxide. This can also work by mixing equal parts of Borax and vinegar in warm water and apply.

Refrigerator Deodorizer - Place an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator. This will remove food odors and odors of foods going into the taste of food.

Rust Removal - to remove rust from counter tops try lemon juice and salt. This can also work with white toothpaste.

Scouring powder - A great natural scouring powder is pure baking soda. wet a sponge and apply some baking soda to the sponge and scour the area you want to clean.

Shoe polish - Olive oil, nut oil or beeswax. apply the oil on the shoes and rub it on. then buff and shine with a cloth.

Shower curtain cleaner - wipe them with a sponge wet with white vinegar.

Stoves - Rub some vinegar of it inside your oven walls. this will prevent grease buildup and prevention is can be one of the best ways to assist your cleaning in the first place.

Suede - If you get stains on suede, try to rub on an art gum eraser to remove them.

Tar remover - apply linseed oil to hands. wet a cloth or rag and apply some linseed oil to it. then rub out tar from your hands.

Tile cleaner - To remove soap scum/ film from tile, rub with lemon oil and white vinegar on a cloth. A good idea to prevent saop scum is to wipe the tile after each use.

Toilet bowl cleaner - Pure full strength white vinegar and scrub to clean.

Toothpaste - great for polishing silver. only the white toothpaste, not the gel.

TV and computer screen cleaner - apply isoprophyl alcohol to a clean rag and wipe it clean

Vinegar - Great for cleaning oven walls. Rub some of it inside your oven walls. this will prevent grease buildup and prevention is can be one of the best ways to assist your cleaning in the first place.

Great for cleaning dishwashers. put a bowl in the bottom rack and fill it with 3 cups of vinegar. leave all the racks in and empty. turn the washer on and run it in rinse and wash cycle. shut the machine off before it goes into the drying cycle. You will be amazed at how clean your dishwasher will be.